Main features:

  • Award-winning charts
  • 100% automated execution with advanced order types and risk management
  • Fully featured mobile trading apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Live Economic Calendar
  • Customisable Reuters news
  • Price Alerts with push notifications to mobile apps
  • Pattern recognition software to automatically identify emerging and completed chart patterns
  • Performance and volatility filtering
  • Execution alerts via web and mobile platforms

Order execution

  • 100% automated execution
  • Trade using unrealised profit
  • Trade directly from charts
  • Access to market, limit and stop entry orders, regular and  trailing stop loss orders, take profit orders and guaranteed stop loss orders
  • Boundary orders – Boundary orders allow clients to specify a range on the order ticket within which the order must be executed. Orders will be rejected where the price at execution has moved outside the client’s specified boundary
  • Custom stop order triggering – Clients can set stop loss and stop entry orders to be triggered off the buy, mid or sell price, this stops premature close out if the spreads widen
  • Price Depth Ladder – Our price ladder displays prices for different sized orders so clients can quickly and easily determine the price available for their order size. This enables us to execute almost 100% of orders with no rejections while offering clients a high level of dealing transparency
  • Enhanced top level volume – We have now opened up our level 1 pricing (with our tightest spread) to encompass an even greater order quantity, which allows larger position traders to execute their trades without having to deal down the ladder. The size of order we will transaction at our level 1 price is extremely competitive

Customization/Personalised Layouts

  • Use Trade Room’s created defaults or create trading screens to suit their needs
  • There is so much functionality possible on the next generation platform that it almost takes multiple layouts to get easy access
  • Create asset class specific layouts to best take advance of opportunities
  • Almost every aspect of our charting package can be customised to suit the user
  • Default risk management settings make placing orders with relevant risk reward settings (say 3:1)
  • Order quantity dealing defaults allow you to enter trades more quickly and efficiently

Customisable Reuters News

  • One of the most respected and high quality news services available
  • News is very current and produced in timely fashion
  • News can be mapped to products within individual watchlists for more personalisation
  • Available for each individual product through the product’s drop-down navigation menu

Live Economic Calendar

  • Filter announcements by country and expected market impact – which adds more targeted approach with greater focus
  • View previous, forecast, actual and revised figures – forecast from 20-30 economists polled by Dow Jones
  • In-built alert and countdown timer functionality – ensures clients don’t forget major announcements
  • View detailed information on what an announcement measures, why it is important, the source of the announcement and the frequency
  • Huge amount of regions available including major Chinese data which is becoming more and more important
  • Available on mobile trading apps with push notifications

Client Sentiment

  • Minute-by-minute updates Number-of-clients sentiment
  • Position-value sentiment – which direction is the “big” money
  • “All” clients and “Top” clients views
  • Combined view of “All” and “Top” client’s sentiment, for comparison – big differences, clients ask why?
  • Sentiment change from 10pm GMT – clients look for big overnight swings then ask why
  • “Also Being Traded” and “Popular Products” links – It shows which other products are being traded by clients that are currently trading the product you’re viewing.

Manual Pattern Recognition

  • Live pattern updates direct on each product chart – for every product and time interval
  • Price projection targets added to completed patterns that have broken out
  • Star rating service attached to each alert to highlight corroborating technical signals (MACD, RSI, DMI, ADX and Dual SMA’s)
  • Clients can visibly back test previous patterns  on any product chart as all historical patterns are automatically added
  • 9 of the most popular chart patterns and 54 candlestick patterns available for scanning.

Advanced charts

  • Over 80 in-built technical overlays and studies
  • All charts come with 24 drawing tools that can be used to draw support and resistance levels, make notes on charts and highlight key price moves and patterns
  • Identify trend reversals, significant price levels and trading opportunities. Choose from 75 technical indicators including Bollinger Bands@, SMAs, Ichimoku clouds, MACD, RSI and many more
  • Open trades directly from charts as opportunities emerge – just click on a live streaming price to open an order ticket and place a trade. Automatically saved analysis when a chart is opened through a watchlist
  • Save multiple chart pre-sets
  • Pattern recognition software that automatically identifies nine of the most common chart patterns as well as over 54 candle patterns
  • Up to 20 years’ worth of price history
  • Our layouts, charts and technical indicators are all customisable, offering you the ability to set up your charts and technical analysis exactly as you like. 10 different chart types including Point and Figure, Renko, Kagi and Three Line Break
  • Identify correlated products by dragging and dropping one or more products on to another product’s open chart to compare their performance over the same timeframe. Live streaming advanced mobile charts including multi-chart view on the iPad
  • Award winning charting package